Image of Family/Couple Photoshoots (Location based)

Family/Couple Photoshoots (Location based)

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A family/couples photoshoot in your back garden or local park/playground/beach.

During the shoot (1 hour) we will take a walk around a chosen location* and find an area to play in. I'll be looking to pair you with complementary colours and textures out in the wild. Our main aim is to get nice, casual, relaxed photos. The genuine smiles are the best ones! We can kick a ball about, play chasing with the kids, throw sticks for the dog. Whatever you would do naturally.
This type of shoot would suit small families, couples, or pet parents!

- We will always be at the mercy of the Irish weather, so please be flexible with your dates when booking and keep in contact on the run up to the shoot.
-Every session yields at least 12 great photos which will all be every so slightly retouched to ensure you look your very best.
-Photos can be made square, portrait or landscape. We can chat more about your specific needs during the session.
-Price includes 23% VAT.
*Headshot/Family sessions are not suitable for musicians or people looking for anything super creative. Please contact me directly for those shoots.
*Location must be in Dublin. For other areas of the world please contact me first.

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